Association for Gender Research in Norway

Association for Gender Research in Norway is an academic association founded at the first general assembly, June 6th 2002.

What does membership entail?

  • you will get access to conferences and networks
  • you will be part of a network of researchers in the field, students, activists from the women’s movement, and others with a background from or interest in research on gender and women
  • Who may join?
    The Association for Women’s Studies and Gender Research in Norway is a national organisation, consisting of individual members. Anyone who agrees with the regulations may become member.

Do you want to join?
The membership fee is NOK 300 per year. Join by sending an email to State your name, private address, and email address.


§1 Aims
FOKK’s aims are:

  • to make visible the influence and meaning of gender in education and science, culture and society
  • to create meeting places for different approaches of women and gender research
  • to build networks to promote academic discussion between members to promote cooperation between:
    • established gender researchers
    • gender researchers without contact with established centres and networks
    • students
    • the women’s movement
    • people who are interested in the field of women and gender research
  • to promote cooperation between national and international research on women and gender
  • to promote information about and use of research on women and gender
  • to promote women and gender research by means of the media
  • to work for better economic conditions for gender research

§2 Membership
The Association for Women’s Studies and Gender Research in Norway is a nationwide association of individual members. With the approval of the membership, the member agrees to receive newsletters and other communications from the association. If you accept the statutes you may become a member of the association. If you wish to leave the association, you must inform the board in writing. Unfortunately, we cannot reimburse the membership fee.

§3 General assembly
The general assembly is the highest ruling body of the association and is held every second year.

The agenda of the general assembly should include:

  1. Approval of the summons
  2. Constitution of the meeting
  3. Approval of the agenda
  4. The board’s report
  5. Approval of accounts and budget
  6. Settlement of the membership fee for the coming year(s)
  7. Elections

Only attending members may vote at the assembly. The membership fee must be paid before the general assembly begins.

The general assembly chooses a leader, a deputy leader, board member, auditors, and an electoral college. The board has seven members and is elected for two years. Re-election is possible only for a second period.

§4 Extraordinary general assembly
An extraordinary general assembly is summoned at four weeks notice, when a majority of the board or ¼ or the members have requested it in written form. An extraordinary general assembly may only discuss items included in the agenda, and may not be closed before the minutes have been approved.

§5 Board
The Association for Women and Gender Research in Norway’s board consists of seven members. The leader and the deputy leader form a working committee. The working committee represents the association between board meetings.

The quorum of the board is reached when at least four members cast their vote. Decisions are made by a simple majority. In the case of an equal number, the leader has the casting vote.

KILDEN serves as the secretariat of the association. The secretariat may speak and propose motions to the board, but do not vote.

§6 Committees
The board may appoint committees to handle various interests of the association. The committees are given the authority to act on behalf of the association, provided it keeps the working committee or board informed.

§7 Local branches
Members may establish local branches of the association headed locally.

§8 Amendments
All members may propose amendments to the regulations. Amendments must be sent to the general assembly at least four weeks before the general assembly takes place. Amendments must be carried by at least 2/3 of the votes at the general assembly. The association may be dissolved by at least a 2/3 vote at the general assembly. The regulations must be confirmed for a second time at an extraordinary general assembly. If the association is dissolved, the extraordinary general assembly agrees how to make use of the remaining funds of the association.

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